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book quilting form

book your quilting now for a $45 deposit!

you can see my panto catalog here. don't see a panto you like? i'll split the cost of a pantograph of your choice!

quilting density

thread and a new needle are included. you can pick the thread color to use. or if you prefer, i will do my best to pick a great thread color. you can see the color options here

quilter's dream batting
add-on finishing services (triming is included)

while i aim for excellence, i'm human, not infallible. sometimes, the final result may differ from your envisioned quilt. by entrusting your quilt to me, you trust in my expertise and commitment to deliver my very best.

if, by any chance, the outcome falls short, i'll do everything possible to address it. however, please understand that i can't be held responsible for discrepancies between your expectations and the actual result. when sending your quilt, you acknowledge this possibility—perfection isn't always guaranteed, and the outcome might differ from your initial vision.

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