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i am so excited that you are considering me to help you complete your lovingly made quilt. i currently only quilt edge-to-edge designs and use either a gammill statler stitcher or a handiquilter infinity for my long-arm services. please feel free to contact me if you have any questions that i have not answered here.

Noarlunga South Australia Beach


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online quilting form
book your quilting now for a $45 deposit!

don't see a panto you like? i'll split the cost of a pantograph of your choice!


you can pick the thread color to use. or if you prefer, i will do my best to pick a great thread color. you can see the color options here


i cannot promise perfection, as i am human. things may not turn out the way you have pictured in your mind. by sending your quilt in to me, you are trusting in my best judgement, and trusting that i will do my very best. if your quilt turns out anything less, i will try my hardest to make it right, but cannot be held responsible for misunderstandings of what you had in mind and what i actually provided. when you send your quilt to me, you acknowledge that this is the case, things don't always turn out perfect, and things may not come back the way you had intended.

Beach at Sunset

clamshell quilting, in all it's various designs, is one of my most popular options. 

ice cream quilt in bright pastels
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