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longarm quilting

edge to edge pricing • calculate your square inches by multiplying width x length
  • standard density (medium scale) • $0.0275/sq in

  • heavy density (small scale) • $0.035/sq in

  • custom quilting (more than one panto) • $0.05/sq in

example: your quilt is 50"x65" = 3250 sq in x 0.0275¢/sq in = $89.38

minimum fee $45

quilter's dream batting • calculate your linear inch by adding 8" to your quilt width

  • 80/20 (cotton/poly blend) natural, white, or black • 0.39¢ per linear inch

  • 80/20 (cotton/poly blend) natural king size • 0.47¢ per linear inch

  • bamboo blend • 0.44¢ per linear inch

  • 100% cotton • 0.55¢ per linear inch

  • 100% washable wool • 0.42¢ per linear inch

example: your quilt is 50" wide + 8" overage = 58" x 0.39¢ per linear inch = $22.62

finishing services • trimming is always included

  • piece backing • $15 flat rate per seam

  • piece back with pattern match (or minky fabric) • $25 flat rate per seam

  • piece binding • $5 flat rate

  • machine bind to one side • 0.15¢ per linear inch

  • machine bind to two sides • 0.20¢ per linear inch


you are responsible for shipping to and from katie's quilting co.

i return quilts at the lowest possible shipping cost. i typically find ups ground to be the least expensive, and often runs around $20 or less.

ship your quilts to: 

katie's quilting co.

1648 cahoon st.

ogden, utah 84401




pricing effective march 2024

Roll of Purple Silk

prepping your quilt

wondering how best to prep your quilt top? here are some of my recommendations

Beach Waves
Beautiful Ocean
trim those threads

stay stitch

square it up

trim those threads

if your quilt top does not have a border, sew a stay stitch all the way around the edges of your quilt top. all too often i see seams coming apart, especially along the edges. 

square up your quilt top AND backing. the quilt top must lay flat. measure quilt top across the top, bottom, and at the center. these measurements should be the same. if not, you may end up with puckers and an un-square finished quilt.

trim off any loose threads from the back side of your quilt top! the biggest culprit is when dark fabrics are adjacent light fabrics and they start to fray. let me assure you that you will see those underneath the light colored fabric.

final preparations

• make sure your backing and batting (if you're sending your own) are at least 4” bigger on all four sides of your quilt.

• if you prewash your quilt top it is highly recommended that you also prewash your backing fabric.

please iron both your quilt top and your quilt backing.

• if your quilt top or backing is directional, please pin a note to the top.

• when you ship your quilt, please place it in a bag inside the box to protect it if the box gets wet.

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