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Patterned Fabrics
  • how does pricing work for longarm quilting?
    quilting is charged by square inch. so if you send in a lap size quilt that measures 36" by 48", you would multiply those two dimensions to get your square inches. 36" x 48" = 1,728 sq in. you would then multiply it by my pricing. standard pricing is 0.0275¢ per square inch. 1,728 x 0.0275¢ = $47.52.
  • how should i prepare my quilt?
    • make sure your backing and batting (if you're sending your own) are at least 4” bigger on all four sides of your quilt. • if your quilt top does not have a border, sew a stay stitch all the way around the edges so your seams do not come apart! • square up your quilt top AND backing. the quilt top must lay flat. measure quilt top across the top, bottom, and at the center. these measurements should be the same. if not, you may end up with puckers and an un-square finished quilt. • if you prewash your quilt top it is highly recommended that you also prewash your backing fabric. • remove any loose threads, especially dark threads that may be seen under adjacent light fabrics. • iron your entire quilt - both top + backing! • if your quilt top or backing is directional, please pin a note to the top • when you ship your quilt, please place it in a bag inside the box to protect it if the box gets wet
  • what are pantographs?
    pantographs are quilting designs that stitch across the quilt top. i usually only quilt edge-to-edge, meaning the panto is quilted over the entire quilt without regard to the design.
  • what if i don't see a panto i like in your catalog?
    if you don't find a pantograph in my catalog, i'll gladly split the cost with you on any pantograph you'd like for your quilt. here are some of my favorite pantograph shops in alphabetical order: ​ dastardly quilt studio intelligent quilting julie hirt karlee porter mistletoe quilting the panto shop urban elementz ​​ pantographs usually cost around $15
  • will you quilt minky?
    yes! if at all possible try to buy a backing wide enough that you do not have to piece it. if you have to piece the backing, please piece it so that the seam is horizontal. do NOT trim the selvedge off.
  • where are you located?
    you can find me at 1648 cahoon st, ogden, ut 84401
  • will you piece my backing?
    yes. there is a flat rate of $10 per seam. if your fabric needs to be pattern matched or if you are sending minky, it is $20 per seam.
  • what add-on services do you offer?
    trimming is always included. (you can decline) piece backing • $15 flat rate per seam piece back with pattern match (or minky fabric) • $25 flat rate per seam piece binding • $5 flat rate machine bind to one side • 0.15¢ per linear inch machine bind to two sides • 0.20¢ per linear inch
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